What we do

Consulting & Advisory Services

ServiceFlow provides expert consulting and advisory services for IT leaders. We help our clients to weave these dimensions into a integrated management & governance model that creates value.


Nurturing a sustainable, productive and healthy work culture.


Designing and establishing streamlined, fit-for-purpose processes.


Designing and selecting the right best blend of technology to support business outcomes


Selecting and managing a portfolio of service providers in an integrated value chain.

from theory to practice

QuickStart Academy

QuickStart Academy is our online learning platform for IT professionals.

We offer certificate-based training on topics related to the effective management of IT systems and services.

Get direction

Assessments & Roadmaps

ServiceFlow offers independent and impartial assessments of your current processes and management capability.

These assessments include a comprehensive and prioritised Service Improvement Plan which serve as a roadmap to your improvement and compliance initiatives.

Learn by Playing


We offer playful simulations that will help your team connect theory to actual behaviour.

These in-person events are designed to challenge your team to discover their default responses to solving problems, and the opportunity to experiment with new ways of working.